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Artificial Intelligence in Sales Vision

Artificial intelligence has been present for many years, research about it go all the way to the fifties of 20th century. It has rapidly started to develop in the last ten years. Predictions say that 2020 will be an essential year in AI-related business progress. 31% of pharma business leaders say that they plan to use AI in their sales process.

AI in itself is so strong and substantial that it has the capacity to convoy yet another revolution in the field of Computers and of human intelligence as well. According to Forbes, around 65% of investment made in the field of AI has already been absorbed by leading companies based in U.S. In the year 2016 itself, a total of $39B was invested by companies in the AI market making it a massive industry.

When we talk about the future of AI in Pharma CRM solutions, the future looks more promising than ever. 31% of pharma business leaders say that they plan to use AI in their sales process.

According to Gartner research by 2020, 85% of the customer interactions is going to be managed without human interference.

Thanks to things like predictive lead scoring, sales representatives will be able to spend more time selling. In this way, AI in CRM is like a personal assistant for your sales reps.  That means companies will save a lot of money on salaries. By using AI they will reduce operational costs by simplifying work processes, automating routine tasks and minimizing manual intervention.

That is the reason why we have implemented artificial intelligence such as machine learning and voice assistant SIRI into Sales Vision. AI in Sales Vision allows users to have the right information for their daily workflow.

To minimise risk of data personalise data leak, we have used AI to suggest users on possibility of personal data exploitation and help them in compliance gathering with different warnings. 

  • Plan suggestions for persons and institutions depending on your marketing plan values and visits history

Combination of Marketing plan and saved visits can result in automatic suggestion of plan visits to keep your Marketing plan fulfilled. Sales rep just needs to confirm or reject suggested plan

  • Visit suggestions

Depending on free time within your calendar, suggestion of visit will appear depending on your current location and location of doctors near you.

  • Target list creation for Marketing plan

Marketing Plan / MyPlan module has been modified in order, not only to suggest target list according to the settings in your Marketing Plan, but additionally to take into account realized visits from the past, classification and sales data of promoted products

  • Order module

According to the previously saved orders, predictions what is the most optimal purchase for a customer depending on commercial offers, current prices, discounts etc.

  • Predictions on sales values according to values imported in history

Depending on sales value from database, system will automatically predict what sales trend you could expect within some future period.