Almost a year has gone by since General Data Protection Regulation has been implemented and still it is one of the main topics on pharma forums. So, be very careful since it is a sensitive theme. It doesn’t have to take to much of your time. That is why Sales Vision GDPR module allows to upload HTML templates for collecting consent agreements, collect compliance in the field and send out a thank you email in case a doctor has given his/hers consent.

Many IT solutions require knowledge experts spending time understanding your business and mapping these requirements to the product. GDPR module in Sales Vision is very easy to use with just a little help of your legal team in preparing text of compliance.

The question is, are you prepared to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation requirements? If you have any doubts in GDPR implementation in your company, learn what does GDPR module in Sales Vision cover? What are benefits of our module and how can you save time using this module?

  • Simple Management

Sales Vision enables Administrator to choose and set up different options to modify module to your companies needs, instead of having the module completely predefined.

You can set up just simple main options but you can also set up over twenty of them.

List of options include: type of consent collecting you want to use (paper type by uploading printed document or electronic type by adding signature directly on iPad device), setup your own statuses, manually delete persons from database without consent (used when initially start using module), additional fields on template, enable consent rejection only for admin, settings for automated messages for internal users and many others.

  • Personalized compliance templates

HTML template could be a simple text or it could be with an advanced design, it is up to you and your design/legal team! Each template is connected to several types of consent: database, e-mail, phone, mail and costs. Not only that: we have implemented over twenty anchors that could be replaced within the consent template. So each document is personalized and individual.

  • Maximum control

Sales Vision GDPR module enables you to reduce business risk. How? All of saved data for consent types are connected to the rest of the application: for instance, you can not schedule to sent an email to doctor without his/hers email consent, you can not call them using the app without phone consent, you can not add costs to event management module or a subvention without cost consent etc.

  • Personal Data Request

According to the Regulation, each person has right to ask you what kind of personal data you store for this person. We have this covered by a detailed report and you could get this data within few seconds.

  • Data anonymization

How did we solve Data anonymization in Sales Vision? When a doctor has rejected database consent type the situation when person is physically deleted from database and all other historic data linked to this person are anonymized.

  • Lower costs

For larger companies one of bigger advantages for GDPR module is lower costs. Sales representatives are more efficient and spend less time on administrative work on compliance gathering when using GDPR module in Sales Vision rather then doing is manually.

  • Send a thank you email to a doctor

A doctor has given you consent to send emails? Why not send him/her a thank you email using predefined HTML templates with a signed consent agreement as an attachment of email.


Follow these steps to speed up collecting consents and to keep focused on your sales activities.

Try out our GDPR module and let us know results! Follow us to find out other tips coming next week!


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