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Mediasoft 20th Anniversary

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Cakovec Croatia – 4, October, 2016 – Letter from our CEO about the Mediasoft 20th Anniversary

Dear customers, partners, friends;

It is my pleasure and honour to announce that this year we turned 20 years since I founded the company back in 1996.

From the very beginning my vision was to deploy state-of-the-art technology in purpose of creating innovative solutions and tools for the life-science industry.  The aim was and still is to set trends and benchmarks on the market. 20 years ago, internet and online technology was just in it’s infancy and we introduced our first solution for pharma, Sales Vision ETMS, the forerunner of our solutions.

The first public presentation of Sales Vision was in Zagreb, in April 1998, where more than 50 delegates from leading pharmaceuticals from Croatia and Slovenia testify the future of pharma marketing and sales software solutions. The event and presentation of Sales Vision was so successful that in the same year Media-Soft signed agreements with Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer Pharma and many other leading pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, even today after 17 years of partnership Bayer is still our partner.

Combination of instant success and state-of-the-art solutions granted us a quite aggressive expansion in the upcoming years and in 1999 and 2000 Sales Vision was already in usage at Krka, Lek, Pliva, Alkaloid, Novartis, Roche, GSK and many other pharmaceuticals.

The business of Media-Soft expended dramatically from Croatia and Slovenia till Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Beginning of 2000, Sales Vision was in usage at more than 40 different pharma companies in more than 30 markets.

With the expansion of operations Media-Soft continuously improved and developed better and more comprehensive solution. From the first offline Sales Vision CRM Windows version we originate Sales Vision Anywhere, the web app and Sales Vision Pocket PC. The biggest technology shift came with the tablet revolution and Media-Soft was the global first Pharma CRM vendor with an offline iOS Pharma CRM app. Furthermore, the Sales Vision CRM was enriched with a new pharma marketing tool for e-Detailing known as BookVision CLM.

I’m very proud that today we can clearly state that Media-Soft and Sales Vision CRM suite is the biggest Pharma CRM vendor FROM Europe according leading consulting and analytics firms such as IDC or Gartner. Today, our solutions are in usage in more than 50 markets and on almost all continents.

In the last couple of years the competition in Pharma CRM and Multichannel tools is tougher than ever but with a proper vision and clear differentiation on the market we shifted many global pharmaceuticals to our solutions including Gedeon Richter, EGIS, Stada, Hemofarm, Pharmaswiss and many others.  Our family counts more than 25.000 satisfied reps.

What next? All achievements and customer satisfaction is a huge motivator for the future but at the same time a big challenge. Our aim is to package new emerging technologies and global trends into innovative and user-friendly solutions with a synergy of customer excellence. I would really like to thank to all our customers who are successfully running with our solutions but also the whole Media-Soft team for the dedicated work and effort.

Our next 20 years we already started by introducing our new and state-of-the-art iPad application, Sales Vision NEXT. The framework of our future success and development will be flexibility and innovation in our Multichannel solutions. I can promise a very exciting journey where we won’t disappoint our customers, partners but also competitors. Expect pure success from MediaSoft.

Damir Šafarić
Founder and CEO of Media-Soft