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#1 Pharma CRM vendor from Europe.

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Cakovec Croatia – 1 , June, 2015 – Due the current changes in the Pharma CRM market where  one competitor from Europe has been acquired by an intelligence management company, Media-Soft is glad to inform that it became the #1 Pharma CRM vendor from Europe.

The recent growth which Media-Soft has accomplished was done through a unique strategy and vision:

– Pharmacentric: we are dedicated to pharma and life-science which makes us very unique
– Flexibility: every process and interaction with our customers is based on being flexible
– Innovation: from the global first Pharma CRM offline app to continuous search for supping new possibilities pharma
– Manufacturing: deploying and adjusting the solutions according to customer wishes and requirements. We are the “haute couture” of Pharma CRM.

All those differentiation factors have been recognized by more than 60 pharmaceuticals who use Media-Soft solutions today. Furthermore, more than 25 different pharmaceuticals in the last 2 years moved from the old and non-flexible vendors to Media-Soft solutions.

This path of excellence and passion will be continued and congratulations to all parties who made this happen. Lets celebrate the new #1 Pharma CRM vendor FROM Europe.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft Inc. provides “Pharmacentric Solutions” to the life-science industry in the CRM and CLM/e-Detailing segment. Partners consider Media-Soft as a manufacturer of CRM/CLM solutions which differentiates itself with flexibility, innovation and cost-efficiency. The Pharmacentric solutions from Media-Soft are running offline on iOS, Android and Windows where they have been the first global vendor on these platforms. Founded in 1996, Media-Soft is established in more than 50 countries and improves sales force effectiveness for more than 110 pharmaceuticals worldwide through our CRM/CLM solutions.

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