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Alkaloid Ukraine deploys Sales Vision Pharma CRM

By 27/06/2011 No Comments

Another affiliate of Alkaloid Pharmaceuticals has implemented Sales Vision in its Ukrainian office. Alkaloid is in the CIS region present on many markets and on all of them operating with Sales Vision Pharma CRM. Alkaloid Ukraine have launched Sales Vision in few weeks while both teams and parties have worked very intensively on launching the roll-out of Sales Vision.

“Ukraine is a new top emerging pharma market where every serious pharma company wants to be present. We understand the Ukrainian market, same as specific regulations and crucial differences since 2003 when we have had the first implementation here. Today respectful pharma companies in Ukraine, same as in the CIS region are using the benefits and sophisticated advantages of our Sales Vision. Some of them have really increased the sales figures, says Dario Safaric the International Sales and Marketing Manager of Media-Soft.”

About Alkaloid

Alkaloid AD Skopje for already seven decades operates in manufacturing medications, processing of medicinal plants raw-material, manufacturing of cosmetics and chemical products. A jubilee that deserves respect, in Republic of Macedonia but also in the region. These 70 years behind us are a strong motive to underline all what we have achieved and to see where stand. Certainly these years are an obligation we are facing with the forthcoming challenges.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft is a pharmacentric company providing the life sciences industry with powerful, magical designs and innovative Pharma CRM solutions; under the brand name Sales Vision© Pharma CRM. Sales Vision© uses more than 35 different life-science companies in more than 40 countries and the number is rapidly growing. Sales Vision© runs as a local Windows app, Web app, Pocket, Android and was the global first native Pharma CRM for the iPad/iPhone which can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore. Media-Soft is a privately owned company with offices in London, Moscow, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Sofia, Bucurest, Karachi and Zagreb.