Sales Vision CRM

Pharmacentric Cloud CRM


Project Multichannel

CRM, ETMS, SF tools and more are just acronyms. Our Pharmacentric Solutions are deigned to set up the new Multichannel approach. Engage with doctors through various channels including CRM, CLM, e-Detailing, doctor portals, event management, social media and more. According to leading analytical firms, we can increase promotion and brand engagement of your drugs by 42% within two cycles.

iOS, Android, Windows. All offline

A doctor wants to experience some new presentation/content but you can’t showcase it because you are not connected to the internet? Experience shows that reps need all the information about doctor visits, presentations and more on their devices, accessible in the field offline. Regardless of whether you use iPad, Android or Windows, you can store all your information offline on your device and sync them afterwards with the cloud.

Flexible CRM in every segment

Sales Vision CRM allows power users to change, manage and adjust every segment of the solution. Some of the most used segments from our partners:

  • Territory management at will
  • Easy importing of the primary/secondary sales results
  • User/line/company management
  • Definition of surveys, microtargeting, marketing plans and more

The admin application of Sales Vision can actually be described with one word – limitless!

Embedded Innovation

Across all our solutions and features we are always trying to find a better working environment for field workers. This path is only effective with innovation. Sales Vision CRM was the global first offline Pharma CRM for iOS and Android. If you preview our RoadMap you will learn that we introduced Sales Vision for the new Apple Watch and Apple CarOS.


Tailored CRM.

“Buy, install and use” is the philosophy of other Pharma CRM vendors. Our comprehensive CRM/ CLM solutions are tailored to your needs. Our philosophy is listen, deploy and engage. Pharmaceuticals who move to our solutions consider us to be the manufacturer of CRM/CLM where all wishes and adjustments can be made in accordance with your wishes/needs.

Cloud Based Solution.

The Media-Soft cloud data centre is a part of our state of the art solution philosophy. We are glad to be able to take care of the hardware requirements and the latest software versions on the servers and workstations. Our cloud is based on a scalable and redundant approach which, can be resized depending on your needs.

Enterprise ready.

Media-Soft delivers a scalable approach for small and global pharmaceuticals. Our smallest pharmaceutical company runs our CRM/CLM solutions with just 6 reps, while our largest partner runs it in more than 46 markets and with 3.700 reps.


The Media-Soft CRM/CLM solutions enable a new environment for data sharing between many of third party apps/solutions. Regardless of whether if you run SAP, BO, Social media accounts like LinkedIn or Microsoft Exchange, Google Maps we support them all.



Sales Vision Sense is the most user-friendly and comprehensive BI tool in CRM ever. What makes Sales Vision Sense unique is:

  • Standard reporting features (Pixel perfect reports, customizable dashboards…)
  • Ad-hoc reporting (drill-down analysis, predictive modelling…)
  • Report Output & Scheduling features (Publish to web, PDF and other formats)
  • Data Recovery & Visualization Features

Sales Vision Sense uses the award winning BI technology from Sisense which is one of the best BI tools ever made according to many reviews including Forbes, ZDNet, DataInformed and others.