Content Design

Your ideas and our creativity.


We design your story

Story telling is now important in front of doctors than ever. Together with your marketing team, we can design an engaging and powerful rich media story that will impress the doctor and turn them into your brand evangelist. 3D modelling, interactive surveys, animations, videos and interactive landing pages will turn your CLM into the ultimate field tool.

Content Recycling

The content design we create for pharmaceuticals has an extremely long life-cycle. Once the content is created, we can modify the same content based on the cycle analytics and findings from the next and following cycles. In that way we extend the life-cycles, for the content and you can use it in several cycles which saves money and resources.


Agency support

If you would rather continue cooperating with your marketing agency you can do that as well. We have created an interface which enables agencies to upload the created content. There are no limits and, so far, all agencies which have joined our network are compatible with our content upload process