BookVision CLM

Your presenter in the field


Keep the loop going

BookVision CLM has been designed for a better field engagement with the doctors. Present your content to doctors. Understand what information they need and require. Showcase important things and more. With BookVision CLM you integrate e-Detailing, remote detailing, e-mail interaction, doctor portal and much more. Such universe is called “Project Multichannel”

Be the master over your content

The Media-Soft creative studio department enables us to design the content for your CLM tool. If you want 3D Modelling, comprehensive videos, charts and flashy animations we can design them all. But sometimes pharmaceuticals want to be in charge of content design, and that is why we created the Booki component, within which you can easily add/change/edit your own content. Upload pdf, pots and other formats, and Booki will transfer them to HTML5 and deploy them to medical rep devices.


Metrics that matter

Who has viewed which presentation, what slides and what objects? With BookVision CLM you learn and better understand your doctors by following metrics:

  • Slide/entire presentation duration
  • Which object the doctor has clicked on
  • GPS proven or presented content
  • Banner overview
  • Slide like/dislike and more

Story play. The best story teller ever!

The Story Play engine allows that you tailor the presentation according to the doctor’s knowledge. Depending about the doctors’ knowledge level, you can show particular slides and content. Such an engine enables doctors to engage with new content almost every time they visit them.

iOS, Android, Windows. All offline

A doctor wants to experience a new presentation/content, but you are unable to showcase it because you don’t have an internet connection? Experience shows that reps need all information about doctor visits, presentations and more on their devices, accessible in the field offline. Regardless of whether you use iPad, Android or Windows you can store all information offline on your device and sync it afterwards with the cloud.