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Heel Spain Deploys MediaSoft Cloud Based Multichannel CLM Solution

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Cakovec – 17, February, 2015 – Heel Spain as one of the Europe leading OTC companies within the life-science industry, introduced the award winning CLM/e-Detailing platform from Media-Soft, BookVision CLM.

BookVision CLM enables an active multichannel approach where HCP’s are engaged into a brand new marketing strategy through innovative channels, enabling sales force effectiveness. The implementation included the entire Spanish organisation of Heel who runs BookVision CLM on iPad devices.


Speaking from Croatia, the CEO from Media-Soft, Damir Safaric stated: ”When we designed BookVision CLM our goal was to create a tool which enables to pharmaceuticals to use new and innovative channels for the daily collaboration with HCPs. BookVision succeeded in less than 6 months from its introduction and today we have more than 3.000 active medical reps who use our platform. Heel was one of the first who discovered the benefits of our tools and today they deploy a new marketing approach towards their customers.”

About Heel

Heel was established by the German physician Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985) in Berlin/Germany in 1936. Immediately after completing his education at the renowned Charité Clinic he founded his own medical practice in 1932. Reckeweg was also a talented homeopath who recognized the need for effective and easy-to-use natural-based medicines to treat specific illnesses. Challenging many of the tenets of classical homeopathy, he combined homeopathic medications in new ways and introduced a comprehensive therapeutic system called Homotoxicology. Homotoxicology and homeopathic combination medications have formed our approach to healing as intended by nature ever since.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft Inc. provides “Pharmacentric Solutions” to the life-science industry in the CRM and CLM/e-Detailing segment. Partners consider Media-Soft as a manufacturer of CRM/CLM solutions which differentiates itself with flexibility, innovation and cost-efficiency. The Pharmacentric solutions from Media-Soft are running offline on iOS, Android and Windows where they have been the first global vendor on these platforms.
Founded in 1996, Media-Soft is established in more than 50 countries and improves sales force effectiveness for more than 110 pharmaceuticals worldwide through our CRM/CLM solutions.

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