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Hemofarm Globally Deploys The Winning Sales Vision CRM

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Cakovec – 3, December, 2014 – Hemofarm AD selected to move from his current Austrian CRM vendor to the fastest growing Pharma CRM vendor, Media-Soft. The main purpose was to increase efficiency, data transparency and effectiveness in Hemofarm marketing and sales operations. Sales Vision CRM and its unique designed philosophy have been recognized as the best fitting solution for Hemofarm AD. The implementation included more than 8 countries where Hemofarm is represented.


The entire project was very ambitious and robust since Hemofarm goal was to make the final solution interdisciplinary. The requirement included the interface between SAP and Sales Vision, lots of specific system requirements from Hemofarm and the ability to incorporate other data like wholesaler sales, IMS Sales data and many more. At the end the aim was reached and the entire project for 8 countries, more than 200 users and customization part took only 3 months till production!


Speaking from Belgrade and Hemofarm Head Office, Mr Gordan Maksovic, the Sales Director states: ’Hemofarm, a leader in the Serbian pharmaceutical market, is simultaneously a very significant market participant in the Western Balkan countries.  By applying best cutting-edge solutions, we strive toward continuous improvement of business operations and competitive advantage. Exactly for those reasons, we recognized Media Soft as a reliable strategic partner for development of business operations and cooperation with professional public. Selection of Sales Vision, CRM system tailor-made for pharmaceutical industry, is our logical business decision and we expect that it will result in improvement of the most important market performances.” Also, from Hemofarm, Mr Marko Devrnja, the Marketing Support Director points out: “Use of Sales Vision enables administrators and analysts of CRM application to utilize a lot of data and information which may be used in a multidimensional manner and analysed in preparation of reports for decision makers in the Marketing Division. As some of the main advantages of Sales Vision, I would like to point out great flexibility, i.e. adaptability and options for further development in accordance with user requirements. By using advanced tools in the application, we will be able to plan improvement of sales of our products with more precision – said Marko Devrnja, Director of the Marketing Support Team in Hemofarm.”


Speaking from Croatia, the CEO from Media-Soft, Damir Safaric stated: ”Hemofarm is proving that Media-Soft has an unique approach which attracts many pharmaceuticals when it comes to robust and comprehensive CRM tools. Our Sales Vision enables lots of flexibility in terms of modules, visions and platforms and therefore it is the synonym for the real tool on and for the field. Having Hemofarm as a customer reference makes us proud and enthusiastic to perform even better!”


About Hemofarm


Hemofarm is the leader in the pharmaceutical market of Serbia, it is the largest exporter of medicinal products and one of the top 10 exporters in Serbia. More than 60% of total sale is achieved in foreign markets. Hemofarm exported medicines in the value of EUR  157,800,000 in 2013.


As of 2006, Hemofarm has been a member of German STADA Group, fifth ranking generic company in the world. It was founded on June 1st 1960 in Vršac, where its largest manufacturing complex is situated. In addition to Vršac, state of the art factories compliant with GMP standards were also built in Dubovac, Šabac, Podgorica and Banja Luka. Hemofarm manufactures medicines from 14 pharmacotherapeutic groups, and its extensive portfolio covers all pharmaceutical forms. With more than 50 OTC products in Serbia, it has the most numerous and structurally widest product range.


It is the first pharmaceutical company in Serbia to publish a Sustainability Report which scored B+, which is the highest achieved standard in this region, as well as 98% of compliance with BSCI standards, a leading business oriented initiative for promotion of socially responsible business operations.   Hemofarm implements its socially responsible business operations mostly through Hemofarm Foundation, established in 1993, which donated approximately EUR 10 million in more than 1500 projects.


About Media-Soft


Media-Soft Inc. provides “Pharmacentric Solutions” to the life-science industry in the CRM and CLM/e-Detailing segment. Why we are the fastest growing Pharma CRM/CLM vendor is because the fact that we deliver flexibility, innovation and cost-efficiency within our solutions. Our pharmacentric solutions are running offline on Windows, Android and iOS where we have been the global first vendor on those platforms.


Founded in 1996, Media-Soft is established in more than 50 countries and improves sales force effectiveness for more than 110 pharmaceuticals worldwide through our CRM/CLM solutions.


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