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Alkaloid Introduces Innovations With Sales Vision CRM and BookVision CLM

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Media-Soft Head Office, Croatia – 25, June, 2013 – Alkaloid AD Skopje continues the tradition of being a leader in the CEE region concerning implementation of new tools and functions of current sales operations. Alkaloid Pharma deploys from its Head Office the new Sales Vision iPad CRM app together with the innovative BookVision CLM/e-Detailing component.

Sales Vision runs offline on tablet devices (Apple iPad and Android) and ensures constant, timely and efficient communication among the employees of the company: those on field, in the head offices and in subsidiaries outside Macedonia. Functionalities of this solution are connected with data analysis, daily planning, marketing activities, projects, researches, etc. Alkaloid operates with Sales Vision CRM on Windows since 2008 while now the intention was to setup a complete new environment on the field which can increase the capabilities for the sales force tasks.

“This project’s successful completion in the area of Information Technology and Telecommunications of Alkaloid AD Skopje paved the way for the next stage planned – working on field with tablet devices in other subsidiaries outside Macedonia as well, and their synchronization with the head office” – said Nikola Dimovski, Manager of the Information Technology (IT) Department of the company.

Speaking from London, the CEO from Media-Soft, Damir Safaric stated: ”Alkaloid is a very ambitious company with a strong portfolio. The mindset in the company is dedicated to innovation and with this visions we are completely compatible. Its always good to see that clients want and demand to upgrade to new Sales Vision versions which proofs that we made a comprehensive solution. ”

About Alkaloid

ALKALOID AD Skopje is a company that for more than seven decades now is in the business of manufacturing drugs, processing botanical raw material, manufacturing cosmetics and chemical products.

Alkaloid AD Skopje is a joint stock company made of two profit centers: Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Cosmetics & Botanicals; and has one daughter company: Alkaloid CONS as well as 13 subsidiaries abroad (in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, in the Russian Federation and USA).

Alkaloid has 1400 employees; with dominant part of the capital owned by private shareholders, out of which 5,05% are foreign investors.

About Media-Soft

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