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Greetings From Our CEO And Chairman

By 20/12/2012 No Comments

Dear clients, partners and friends,

Fiscal year 2012 was one of the most dynamic and challenging years in the Media-Soft history. We have built up our worldwide position based on our values; to be innovative, flexible, cost effective and available on every emerging and strategic market globally. In the next year we enter with a fresh mission statement; Pharmacentric Solutions. To proof our successful path we can mention the amazing growth rate of more then 40% in terms of total incomes.Parameters such as profits, customer base and licenses users have also growth for more than 20% this year.

One of the most crucial strategic focuses was to continue our position of Media-Soft as an innovative driven organisation what we have definitely achieve. With our Sales Vision iTouch for the iPad we continued and confirmed that Tablet gadgets will substitute traditional laptops as usual sales rep equipment. This was our tripping point on which we will continue to deliver new, innovative and suitable solutions for the life-science industry in the coming years. Proof is that the same idea we have deployed on the Android OS where Sales Vision from March 2012 runs too. Fact is that we are still the only vendor who is offering modern Pharma CRM in offline modeĀ  on Android. This vision was recognised by many pharmaceuticals who have deployed our Tablet solutions such as: EGIS in CIS region, Biocodex, Sopharma, Shreya, AstraZeneca, Salvis and many more.

Finally we have found a new niche and need within the pharmaceutical sales field where we have introduced our new solution BookVision CLM/e-Detailing platform. BookVision CLM stands for putting your promotional materials in digital. The aim and vision was to deliver a product where companies itself can create and deploy their content alone to the field. Further the BookVision CLM runs all together with Sales Vision CRM which makes those two products complete all-rounders for the field. Database, CRM and CLM platform all in one solution.

Media-Soft is heading in the right direction, and we eager to move in the future with clear goals and priorities to the challenging 2013. The achieved goals and learned lessons we will incorporate in our global business practices, products and know-how. We will continue with our passion to innovations, to recognise the needs of managers and medical reps for more mobility whether they live, in mature or emerging markets. Already we have singed some new contracts for implementation in early 2013 for Sales Vision CRM but BookVision too. Our commitment is constant, to be innovative, flexible and breath pharmacentric. You can always expect the best from Media-Soft.

To all partners, clients and pharma friends we wish all the best in the coming holidays, health, luck and love should be the occupations. May all of your wishes come true in the new challenging 2013.