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EGIS Vietnam implements Sales Vision CRM!

By 28/11/2012 No Comments

Media-Soft Inc. today announces that EGIS Pharmaceuticals in Vietnam implemented Sales Vision CRM to support its sales team. This is already the fourth EGIS country which is running with Sales Vision. The agreement includes the roll out of the innovative and state of the art Sales Vision Android native version, which is an offline Android version of Sales Vision. EGIS has one of the biggest sales teams in Vietnam.

Dario Safaric, the Global Sales Director of Media-Soft states: “Vietnam is the future market for pharma and we are already there. I am very proud and happy that this year was the most successful year in the history of Media-Soft and that we have even increased the customer base in far away markets such as Vietnam. EGIS is our partner and we work with pleasure with those guys. ”

About EGIS

EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Central Europe, realizing in the business year of 2008/2009 net sales of HUF 106 302 million. This result was 11% higher than the net sales in the previous year. 72% of the sales revenue is from exports, while 28% is the result of domestic marketing activities. EGIS PLC is ranked third on the basis of the number of packages sold in the Hungarian market, and is placed fifth concerning our sales.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft is a pharmacentric company providing the life sciences industry with powerful, magical designs and innovative Pharma CRM solutions; under the brand name Sales Vision© Pharma CRM. Sales Vision© uses more than 45 different life-science companies in more than 40 countries and the number is rapidly growing. Sales Vision© runs as a local Windows app, Web app, Pocket, Android and was the global first native Pharma CRM for the iPad/iPhone which can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore. Media-Soft is a privately owned company with offices in London, Madrid, Moscow, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Johannesburg, Sofia, Vienna, Bucharest, Karachi and Zagreb.

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