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Native Android and iPad CRM+CLM app from Media-Soft! Welcome BookVision CLM.

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What’s Your Message Follow Up and Feedback From The Field? This is the most asked question of every Sales Manager in Pharmaceuticals.

With your classic hardcopy brochures, samples and other materials you can easily reach doctors during the visits but you don’t know the wright impact of it. Or do you?

With BookVision CLM we reinvent the promotional material landscape:

– Easily deploy all your content on iPad or Android (surveys, presentations, clinical studies, 3D models and more)
– Know what doctor has viewed which exact content, how long and what is the general opinion
– Enjoy in our comprehensive reporting tool about all content which you have deployed on the field
– Have 3 times faster ROI on Tablets and do something for ecology

The best of all is that besides BookVision we are a highly dedicated Pharma CRM solution vendor working with up to 45 different pharmaceuticals in more than 40 markets. This means that the BookVision CLM app can work all together with Sales Vision CRM. The best benefit of a full integration is that you can exactly know from the database the link between the content and the doctor.

BookVision CLM is truly your presenter on the field.

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