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Bulgarian Leading Generics Sopharma Selects Sales Vision CRM on iPads!

By 26/06/2012 No Comments

Sopharma, the leading Bulgarian generic pharmaceutical selects Sales Vision CRM on iPads for their CRM and SFE tool. The innovative approach includes the implementation of the leading offline iPad solution of Sales Vision, same as the office supporting Sales Vision Anywhere, web application.

Sopharma will deploy Sales Vision CRM with focus on iPads since this new technology will allow them to work offline on the field and improve the doctors experience during the medical reps interaction. With iPads and the Sales Vision support on them Sopharma will enter in a new era of sales force effectiveness. Besides Sopharma the Sales Vision iPad solution is used by pharmaceuticals such as Merck Serono, Astra Zeneca, Aurobindo, Galderma and many others.

According the words of Sopharma Directors why they have selected Media Soft and Sales Vision CRM, there are following reasons:
–          You cover all of our requirements
–          Media Soft is specialized in the pharmaceutical industry and Sales Vision is flexible CRM   solutions designed specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical business , which is a great advantage
–          In terms of experience you have the implementation would be quickly and almost without many customizations in the application. Overall, would improve the activity of the Marketing Department and sales force effectiveness
–          There was presented a high level presentation with quick reactions
–          In addition basic CRM functionalities were demonstrated strong analytical part, which is very important for us
–          Sales Vision is accessible to any mobile devices but we have selected iPad
Price/functionality ratio

Speaking from London, Damir Safaric the CEO of Media-Soft states: “Sopharma was in our scope for many years and finally we have Sopharma as our partners. This great success we can grant to our excellent strategy in terms of differentiation, innovations with iPad and Android and values. Media-Soft is a company with a heritage and we look to become a dynasty which we fulfill in the last years very well.”

Learn more about Sales Vision iTouch for iPad here.

About Sopharma

Sopharma is one of the leading pharmaceuticals in Bulgaria, popular with manufacturing of high-quality medicines. In its striving to be among the most successful firms, Sopharma combines traditions of the Bulgarian pharmaceutical knowledge with modern business ethic and  corporate responsibility to society’s needs. In the spring of 1933, in the suburbs of Sofia, the beginning of Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacture was initiated with the building of the first manufacturing laboratory for pharmaceuticals. This was also the beginning of Sopharma – one of the most successful Bulgarian enterprises of all times. Irrespective of the form of property – private cooperative, socialist state-owned, private joint-stock company, for 70 years now Sopharma continues to be an embodiment of the human striving for health and humanity.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft is a pharmacentric company providing the life sciences industry with powerful, magical designs and innovative Pharma CRM solutions; under the brand name Sales Vision© Pharma CRM. Sales Vision© uses more than 45 different life-science companies in more than 40 countries and the number is rapidly growing. Sales Vision© runs as a local Windows app, Web app, Pocket, Android and was the global first native Pharma CRM for the iPad/iPhone which can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore. Media-Soft is a privately owned company with offices in London, Sao Paolo, Madrid, Moscow, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Sofia, Vienna, Bucharest, Karachi and Zagreb.

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