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New SalesVisioner SFE White Paper Is Out

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Media-Soft Inc. today announces the new SalesVisioner White Paper for the second quarter. The SalesVisioner White Paper is about Pharma Sales, SFE and Marketing topics which is read by more than 4.000 global readers.

In the newest SalesVisioner we speak about:
– The new EGIS SFE Approach with Androids
– What to do different in 2012?
– Pharma News, Trends and others

Enjoy in our newest white paper and share it with your friends.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft is a pharmacentric company providing the life sciences industry with powerful, magical designs and innovative Pharma CRM solutions; under the brand name Sales Vision© Pharma CRM. Sales Vision© uses more than 45 different life-science companies in more than 40 countries and the number is rapidly growing. Sales Vision© runs as a local Windows app, Web app, Pocket, Android and was the global first native Pharma CRM for the iPad/iPhone which can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore. Media-Soft is a privately owned company with offices in London, Moscow, Sao Paolo, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Sofia, Vienna, Bucharest, Karachi and Zagreb.

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