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Native Android CRM app of Sales Vision CRM officially on MarketPlace!

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Global first native Pharma CRM/SFE tool for Android. It’s native again.

Android Market Place

London – January 29, 2012 – The standalone optimized Android app of Sales Vision Pharma CRM is officially available on the Android Market Place for Tablet and Smartphone devices. Sales Vision Android CRM app is an optimized and revolutionary SFE tool which enables mobility, information value and image for medical reps same as for pharmaceuticals.

Sales Vision for Android includes following modules:
– Person Module
– Institution Module
– GPS routing and tracking
– Doctor Profile
– Calendar for visit/call planning/reporting
– Congress management
– Order Management
– Dashboards and many more

The iPad app of Sales Vision on the Apple AppStore has achieved a huge success with thousands of downloads in several months. Sales Vision iTouch is already implemented in many pharmaceuticals and the biggest single pharma account globally is running with Sales Vision iPad  with several hundreds medical reps.

„Very interesting is the fact how fast the pharma business is responding and adopting the magnificent iPad and Android devices. A proof is that already 2.800 medical and sales reps from the life-science industry are working each day with Sales Vision iTouch on the sales field on iPads. Companies such as Aurobindo, Merck Serono, Astra Zeneca, PharmaS, Alkaloid and many others are using our iPad standalone app. Now the same we want to achieve with the native Android app.. , Dario Safaric, Media-Soft Inc. Global Sales Director. “

May we offer you a trial?

Best of all. Easily you can download the Sales Vision Android CRM free of charge from the Android Market Place! Sales Vision Android CRM is available as a free application on the Android Market Place, but for accessing the Sales Vision Android CRM you will need official details from Media-Soft Inc. The idea of Sales Vision Android CRM is the possibility to combine mobility, new add value for the reps and managers and innovative solutions for the life-science industry.

For enjoying in the full magical Sales Vision Android app please send an email to our team – info@media-soft info

Download Sales Vision Android CRM from the Android Market Place.
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Sales Vision Android CRM.