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Milsing deploys Sales Vision Pharma CRM

By 12/12/2011 No Comments

Milsing one of the leading Central European pharmaceuticals in field of dietary supplements and OTC has implemented Sales Vision Pharma CRM for their sales force team in Croatia. Milsing sales force will run with Sales Vision on smartphones where they can directly takeover orders from pharmacies.

Damir Safaric, the CEO of Media-Soft states: “Our strength is that we cooperate with the life-science industry which includes OTC, generics, originators, animal health and others. The specifics and expertise which we receive from each field and companies are implemented across the globe. Milsing is one example how we can tailor to every life-science field by being flexible, innovative and cost-effective.”

About Milsing

Milsing Ltd started out fifteen years ago by recognizing the worldwide orientation to health food and powerful growth trend in dietary supplements and OTC pharmaceuticals segment. In a very short period of time and through the strategic development of the company based on dealing with the strongest brands and innovative products Milsing Ltd had become the leading company in this business field in Croatia and the whole region. Devoted and passionate work of experts in different fields plus continuous investments in research and development had yielded constant increase in business results. Search for even better, innovative and natural solutions as well as further international market penetration are the ground of our main future development strategy.

About Media-Soft

Media-Soft is a pharmacentric company providing the life sciences industry with powerful, magical designs and innovative Pharma CRM solutions; under the brand name Sales Vision© Pharma CRM. Sales Vision© uses more than 35 different life-science companies in more than 40 countries and the number is rapidly growing. Sales Vision© runs as a local Windows app, Web app, Pocket, Android and was the global first native Pharma CRM for the iPad/iPhone which can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore. Media-Soft is a privately owned company with offices in London, Moscow, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Sofia, Vienna, Bucharest, Karachi and Zagreb.

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