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Message from our Chairman and CEO

By 20/12/2010 No Comments

Dear clients, partners and friends,


Fiscal year 2010 was one of the most dynamic and challenging years in Media-Soft history. Now when the current year is ending we can evaluate the current success business year beside what we have done. As an resume we can describe the current and past year as one of the most dynamic and challenged years in the history if Media-Soft Inc. We have built up our position based on our values, be innovative, flexible and available on every emerging and strategic market globally.


One of the most crucial strategic focuses was to build up and position Media-Soft as an innovative driven organization what we have definitely achieve. With our Sales Vision iTouch we announced and confirmed the first global native Pharma CRM solution for the iPad and iPhone. The life-science industry has recognized our efforts and till now we already have deployed our Sales Vision iTouch in few companies. Proudly we can state that we have been visionary by predicting the fact that iPhone and iPad will become the most selling gadgets on a global level but also in the life-science industry. This is our tripping point on which we will continue to deliver new, innovative and suitable solutions for the life-science industry in the coming years.


The second strategic milestone which we have reached was to establish on new emerging markets and to increase our market share on some existing markets. Well, if we consider our entry with local offices in Romania, Bulgaria and South Africa we can state that this should be a great base to build up some new markets in 2011. Already we plan to enter on three new strategic and emerging markets during the first quarter of 2011.


The pursuit of synergies and developing long term relationships with our partners was in 2010 very dynamic. With new partners from the life-science industry which have recognize our success model of Sales Vision Pharma CRM we have gain some new partners in Latin America and Europe. We are proud that many pharma companies follow our believes and vision by implementing Sales Vision Pharma CRM.


Media-Soft is heading in the right direction, and we eager to move in the future with clear goals and priorities in 2011. The achieved goals and learned lessons we will incorporate in our global business practices. We will continue with our passion to innovations, to recognize the needs of managers and medical reps for more mobility whether they live in mature or emerging markets. Our commitment is constant, be innovative, flexible and available or pharmacentric since 1996. You can always expect the best from Media-Soft.


To all partners, clients and pharma friends we wish all the best in the coming holidays, health, luck and love should be the occupations. May all of your wishes come true in the new challenging 2011. 



Damir Safaric

Media-Soft Founder and CEOMedia-Soft CEO