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Alkaloid Russia implements Sales Vision Pharma CRM

By 07/07/2010 No Comments

Alkaloid Russia has implemented Sales Vision Win version for their medical reps to increase the sales force effectiveness, integrate pharma marketing/sales activities and manage the customer relationship management. The big sales force from Alkaloid Russia now will have better conditions to plan/organize their visits and to have a better flow of marketing/sales processes on the dynamic Russian market.

“This was a very important project for us, to establish the partnership with Alkaloid Russia because now we have integrated almost all Alkaloid global representatives. We will finally integrate all global Alkaloid representatives during this year. After that the cooperation just starts, says Damir Safaric, CEO of Media-Soft.”

Sales Vision has been present on the Russian market now for more than 6 years and the number of users is continuously increasing.


About Alkaloid


ALKALOID AD is a company that for seven decades now is in the business of manufacturing drugs, processing botanical raw material, manufacturing cosmetics and chemical products.
Alkaloid AD Skopje is a joint stock company made of two profit centers: Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Cosmetics & Botanicals; we have two daughter companies: Alkaloid Coatings and Alkaloid CONS as well as 12 subsidiaries abroad (in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and USA). The presence of Alkaloid is on a global level which indicates the global vision of the company with a great brand portfolio and synonym for pharma excellence.
We are a company with around 1100 employees; with dominant part of the capital owned by private shareholders, out of which 13% are foreign investors.