• Innovation in CRM

  • Customer care & designs

  • Cost Efficiency

Sales Vision CRM is the most innovative CRM solution for the life-science industry. Our native iPad/iPhone Pharma CRM was the global first app for Pharma and is available on the Apple AppStore. Additional Sales Vision also runs as an native Windows app, web app and Android app. Shortly we cover all relevant platforms for pharma with native and offline solutions.

Customer Care is our reference. Many pharmaceuticals are loving our service where you get your own Key Account Manager, amazing experience, educations, forums and many more. Sales Vision is amazing flexible inside the system where you can manage everything in several steps in the powerful admin tool. Outside Sales Vision we enable a wide customization for our customers in terms or modules and business processes. Design is our package. We want perfection in terms of user interfaces, navigation and usage.

Choose between SaaS or Buying. In the last three years Sales Vision is becoming one of the leading global life-science CRM solutions. Our price strategy is fair, efficient and indeed different to our customers.